O Solon Interview with ‘Boom Goes The Polish’

If you were a porn star, what would your porn star name be?

HoneyNut Cheeri-O

What’s the inspiration behind ‘Triple Back’?

The approach for that track was the same as always, eat food. It just so happened at the time I heard that beat I had a few rhymes ready to let off, written during a period of a lot of disappointment and frustration in my field. Too many ‘rappers’ out here surviving but belong in the trash and they steady piling up, game’s stinky.

I wanted to speak to the heads that can relate to my hustle, those hungry enough to reach out of their comfort zone and squeeze the juice out of life. If you peep the cover art it’s actually a shot taken at my third time winning the belt at The Cypher House battles (Shout out to @Stockroll, @SteveWillPower, @90indalot, @LouisOliver25, @DJBlack0ut and @DJEpps mad love.)

Walk me though your creative process, how do you make music?

It usually begins in the car while surfing through Soundcloud on blast listening to the countless producers I follow. I start humming tunes, putting thoughts together and it all eventually rolls into an idea for a hook or some bars, which in turn would snowball into whatever the song intends to be. I’m usually alone when I come up with the wildest stuff, so I spit rhymes and seek approval from no one other than myself. If I can make myself, a most asshole type critic, stop and think twice about a line that’s hard, it’s a go.

What do you think human meat tastes like?

If it’s seasoned, like I am, it probably tastes great. #BiteMyShit.

If you could co-operate with any band or artist who would it be and why?

At this particular moment I’m open to working with different types of musicians, just soaking up any knowledge and inspiration from wherever but I’d have to say ‘New York Exchange’. When they get together it’s magic I just want to sprinkle some of my flavor on that recipe they cook up so well. I’d pay good money to have us together in a studio for a week.

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see next?

As of right now I’m about ready to release ‘Bite My Shit’ which will be available everywhere you can download a mixtape at including soundcloud.com/OSolon  and OSOLON.COM. We gonna grind this campaign till something pops, then expect a whole lot more visuals, freestyles, collaborations and shows for the rest of your life because I’m finally here and I’m not going anywhere.

And don’t forget to check out his Twitter and Facebook!

With Boom Goes The Polish


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